Editor’s Corner

My current must-have playlist this festive season

This season I am listening to music not only because its the festive season but because MUSIC feeds my inspiration and works with my work flow mode. So I will be sharing my favourite music of the moment.

5.Davido -FIA 

This right here is my early morning jam that I dance and vibe to when I am trying to distract myself from all the morning house chores. I basically hate the morning chores but when I tune to this one its a definite yes!

4. Demi Lovato – Tell me you love me

Of course everyone is going to think I have some heart love situation because I have this song on my playlist but nooo I love these sappy breakup songs for some funny reason and this one I love because the visuals of that wedding are just heaven ohh and can we talk about Jesse Williams. This one is for the heart lovers

3. Phir Bhi Tumko Chahungi- Arjit Singh

This is one song you all might fail to understand so for this one I will just leave it to you!

2. Axwell ingrosso -More than you know

I know you all need some Gqom and that is too obvious a selection so for my up tempo choice this song is exactly my turn up jam and its fast enough with a bit of jazz somewhere I think..Workout jam favourite

1. Travis Greene- You waited

This track needs no introduction or explanation its pure and is my soul mover music. I can’t say much but just ask you to listen to it yourself and tell me what your spirit says afterwards!

Other favourites

Ammara Brown -Akiliz (excl. video)

Jah Prayzah – Ndini ndamubata

Parson James- Only you

Ed Sheeran feat Beyonce – Perfect

Vidya Vox- Diamonds

Whats your playlist like?

My lip obsession…..Lipstains

By Rutendo Samantha Borerwe

So this season or rather since the 2015 to current period the lips have become a very important fashion and beauty trend. A simple lip look can automatically turn your look from hot to not and my current obsession right now is drum roll……..Lipstain.


I mean seriously if Kylie Jenner thought of this amazing idea herself then I must give her the props. I tried lipstick but I never liked the fact that it has a shimmer to it whether soft or not I wanted a lipstick that would keep my lips matte but well coloured.


I  have used different brands like Vault’s Benjamins is amazing and Sleek too but I loved Kylie’s lip kits because they feel good on the lips though I have just one problem with them. For someone of my complexion the swatches look good on light skinned people that you might  just be shocked when you try them.


Whats your favourite lip obsession?