UK Based Musician to Perform at Manicaland Afro Music Festival

UK Based Zimbabwean Musician, Sham ”Matombo” Torindo is set to perform at the Manicaland Afro Music Festival. The talented and popular musician flew all the way into Zimbabawe to make sure that this first Afro Music Festival is a success. The festival will be taking place on the 13 of August 2018 till the nextday from 1pm-6 am. ”Its going to be a fun family day and as well as an all night festival ” said the excited Musician.
Matombo is a UK based Zimbabwe and and Mutare born Musician. He is also a Mathematician and Lecturer in the UK. Matombo has been doing music since the age of 18.

Over the years the talented Musician has managed to build his musica l profile and brand by performing in different countries and also performing alongside popular Zimbabwean music power houses such as Oliver Mutukudzi, Prudence Katomeni, Aaaron Manatsa. The musician has performed at music shows at the Zim Fest. ”Im missing the Zim Fest this year because I am here. I believe that this festival is what Manicaland truly needs. We are celebrating our own music brands in this province and we hope to continue doing that annually.”
Some of the popular songs that Matombo has released are called Taneta, VaNyamande, Matsoritoto and Gundamusaira. ” My music is Afro Jazz. I tried to fuse the traditonal Zimbawean music with the British rock and roll. If you listen to my music it has that synergy of instruments that bring out a rockish sound it in but also has the Zimbabwean genre of Jazz music”

When asked about his Restoration Zimbabwe album Matombo had this to say, ” The album is mainly focusing on Zimbabawe. Given the histroy of the country, I thought l should enlighten on what Zimbabwe needs now. What Zimbabwe needs now is restoration so thats why l came up with this album. There is a lot that comes with the restoration socially, economically, politically, all that. We need that as Zimbabweans”
The musician also adds that he decide to come back to Zimbabawe to build on the current feeling of elections in gthe country. So it was only right that he should come back and launch the album here.
The festival which is being funded by Matombo is expected to have a lot of young artists. Matombo says” The young are the future. So they need to get into the routine and habit of committing to their talent so that they continue to flag good music when we are gone.”

Matombo says the 11 track album that he will be releasing at the Festival is called Restoration Zimbabwe.
The Manicaland Afro Music festival is the brain child of Matombo and his nephew Trapper aka The Beat Sangoma. The two jokingly said that they are bridging the music generational gap between them through music
People can buy the album on the website for just $3.
The event organiser Miss Amanda Ranganawa said that she had listened to the album and she believes that it is a great album and people must definitely listen to it. ”His music is amazing. There is a lot of instrumentals, which l personally love and it has real life messages. Most of all you can dance and sing along to the music. The melody is really good” said Ranganawa. The seasoned organiser who has also organised events for American based Artists such as Gshytt and Young says that if all goes well this can be an annual event in Manicaland. Gshytt has worked with big names such as Rihanna, Beyonce and Ciara.

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