Kwese Iflix launches and as a Zimbabwean I feel proud

Econet has again proved to be a pioneer in Zimbabwe by launching the Kwese Iflix VOD app which basically is like Netflix and Showmax. Personally I feel proud as a Zimbabwean who is obsessed with VOD apps because I am a tv addict.

Kwese Iflix offers a vast lineup of programs from Africa and beyond, I am currently subscribed for a month and I must say I am impressed. The program width might be limited for now but the up side its paid via Ecocash, I mean the hustle I used to go through to subscribe for my Lifetime Movie Club and my Alt Balaji app I had to find someone with a mastercard but now it as easy as *119#

Better yet Kwese Iflix has Live tv as well with our ZBC available for free, Econet has just made Zimbabwe accessible to the world. My favourite feature is also the download feature and also the app features are amazing and colorful, very easy to use as well. Of course we need more homegrown content in the future and I hope the Kwese Iflix people will see my post!

Why you should subscribe to Kwese Iflix?

1. Its affordable, the rates are just crazy.

2. Its payable via Ecocash, saka mabond haana kushata guys lol

3. There is lots of African content there.

Its just an amazing feeling to be using something home grown!

Plus Econet gave me 1GB free to stream this weekend, I think everyone got it!

Happy viewing!

PS: This is not a paid review, purely my thoughts.

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