Self Slavery Must Die

By Thomas Mugwisi

Have you ever heard about self-slavery? Constructing your own prison, buy your own chains
and arrest yourself and live like that for the rest of your life? The most painful fact about self-
slavery is the fact that all the people that are actually under it today, don’t even know and
don’t even have a clue that it’s happening to them. Instead everything seems normal. But the
thoughts running through the mind keeps on telling you all you need is freedom.

Allow me to be one of the people who have tried to break down and explain this type of
slavery. If you have ever felt out of place just because of your pocket worth, your dressing,
your beauty, or your beliefs, you have clearly arrested yourself a million times and
incarcerated yourself.

The whole philosophy of self-slavery is fabricated on the need to feel
free from what you believe is a burden in your life whilst in actual fact it’s nothing at all.
Heedless of comparing your problem to what other people out there are facing, we as
humans just upset ourselves over things that don’t really have to be heart-rending us at all. I
probably wouldn’t know the exact statistics of this but I would wanna try guess and say 3 in
every 5 people in the world are in this problem I am calling self-slavery, unknowingly

Ask yourself this question if you easily want to know where you stand on this, whenever you
stress on buying a new pair of sneakers, possibly a Jordan 11 or a pair of heels are you
really really stressing on getting them so you can look good for yourself or its for people to
see that you are slaying and you are smart and all that and then you feel free that way? You
know yourself so you know the answer. This form of life is almost everyone’s way of life. One
of the greatest lie that we as humans tell or go about talking and posting on social media is
the statement “I DON’T CARE WHAT PEOPLE SAY” when in actual fact we do.

One of the most influential writer from the 70s once said “Comparison is the greatest thief of happiness”. And yet we do that every day. The simplest thing you can ever do for yourself
and your soul is to just live life the way you want to, not basing on what the next person
would say. Provided you’re the next person, do not judge a person because you don’t for a
second know what it took that person to get out of bed and face the day. I am different, you
are different.

He and She is different

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