We are now Reality show Zwag Fied and we are hooked!

By Rutendo Borerwe

Well so I was going through my twitter when I saw the link to a new Zimbabwean reality show and I instantly clicked. ZWAGS is a Zimbabwean reality show for women based in UK. And well I just watched episode 1 and my oh my we are officially Reality Royalty and why am I saying that?

1. Cookies

Girl is dramatic herself and I personally feel its essential for every reality show to have that one person. Cookies aka Patience Mutara is just an amazing character of the show. Like with the way episode one ended I am already anxiously waiting for episode 2.

2. Mai Chipo

The curvy besty to Cookies has not really shown how much she can get dramatic but she did say something about Mani and said she can get nasty if she gets on her bad side. Her daughter Chipo is cute but I sense her role is going to be mainly about her online dating story line and her business. Can’t wait for episode 2.

Why I think you should watch this reality show well its in both Shona and English and the best thing I loved was they still speak Shona like any Zimbabwean would. They don’t have that fake accent like the British Shona most of us would speak if we were exported.

Here is the link to episode 1

What are you thoughts?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Torwood Film Studios says:

    Thanks, we love this article. We’ve pinned the link to it on our 1st episode youtube video.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rodwell says:

    This is a very good piece and well expresses what I feel and think about Zwags. The reality show Zwags really brings out the good about Shona and as stated the characters have not tried to bore the audience with that “I can’t speak Shona” kind of thing that most grown up Zimbabweans do when they have left the country do when they spend 2-3 yrs abroad and yet where in Zimbabwe for over 20 years. This is really a good review for a refreshing and cool show.


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