Donovan Faranando Press Release

Tv presenter Donovan Faranando aka (The Prince) has been nominated for Zimbabwe Excellence Awards under the Entertainment Personality of the year Award category. Donovan Faranando is a 24 year old creative entrepreneur, journalist, radio and TV presenter based in Cape Town,South Africa. He co-founded The Hangout Duo a start-up company that is focused on showcasing rising talents, events, brands and people in Cape Town and Africa at large through visual and journal means of communication. As the creative director of the company he managed to collaborated with the brands like Imaculit Music Group, Obi Images, Iconic Black to produce events and content.

At the moment he’s running a campaign called #IAmCreativeForAfrica which only not help people to be discovered but help them feel good about what they do creatively. Apart from this he hosted Fashion Disruption Fashion Show, Rosa Campaign,Cape Town Hip Hop Summit and guest presented on Bush Radio 89.5 FM on the show called The Salon. He founded Rosa Campaign which he named after hus late mother which is an NPO that helps underprivileged children with school stationery every school term.He made numerous events appearance on Good Hope FM, South Africa Menswear Week, Berlin Ekapa Festival and Sneakers Exchange.To vote for him visit
Zimbabwe Excellence Awards aim at rewarding Zimbabweans living in South Africa for the great job that they are doing in SA communities while giving back to Zimbabwe as well.The awards are celebrating 4years now. The awards will be held on the 28th of May at J&J Conference.Tickets are already on sale.

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