The Box Office Hit of Zimbabwe: Kushata KweMoyo

By Carl Maswoswa

“It has been rare for a film to get an award before it is premiered in the spheres of film production, this was the tale of Kushata KweMoyo the box office hit that swept our feet away at the recently held NAMA awards event hosted in the Capital”

Kushata KweMoyo is a local film made by Mirazvo Productions in collaboration with Rain Media which has the cast Kudzai Musungo, Gamuchirai Duve, Alaikah Basikolo, Elijah Madzikatire, Tinotenda Saatande and Charles Mzemba. Mirazvo Productions was founded by brothers Nick and Mike Zemura in 2010, their productions Muzita Rababa and Kushata KweMoyo, got them awards for Outstanding Actor, Actress, Director and Full Length Film. The story line tells the tale of an African mother who mistreats her own step-daughter, which in turn results in the child developing hatred and coldness for her family. It was marvelously written by Amanda Ranganawa, a Mutare based scriptwriter and producer.

Unending chatter of the premiere circulated in all the spheres of Social Media, every local film fanatic was filled with so much curiosity and wild expectations of what the film was about. I remember myself posting something on the Film as well! Kushata KweMoyo certainly overwhelmed the expectations of many at its launch recently held at Ster-Kenikor Cinema at Eastgate in the Capital. You really wonder how the Cast and Producers knitted all the perfect ends of each scene, such amazing work completely put Zimbabwe’s film production on the map, as Kushata KweMoyo is LIT in terms of sound production and picture quality.

As the 22nd of February 2018 unfolded, Ster-Kenikor smiled at each film fanatic who came to support the event. The Red Carpet Affair took its stand in the Media and Film Production, it was certainly a night to remember not only for the film organizers themselves but for the generations to come. Cindy Munyavi as the MC made the event more enticing as her sweet voice distanced the audience from the reality into the film. Dr. Samwanda encouraged the local film industry to be more creative and innovative for them to attain the much needed standards. The film eloquence and astounding Shona Culture is on point! The film was sold out, the attendance was a banger, late comers like me had to spend the entire launch standing as l also wanted a glimpse of the much awaited Kushata KweMoyo. I wouldn’t miss it for the world that is the love l have for my local content.

This Shona Film is a maestro-fusion of the old Mukadota with the new English African way of film production accompanied with a rich taste of culture and poetic music that will just evoke emotions and leave you in a stupor mode of laughter.

Speaking to the cast on the sidelines of the premiere Alayika Basikolo said, the role she plays in Muchaneta it’s more of like a pretender on the screen, Kushata KweMoyo production brought all that reality in production she has always wanted to portray! She fits stunningly in the role…l can watch the film over and over again, she made a hallmark of how Zimbabweans are talented in the film production business. Kudzai Musungo says acting entails a lot of research on the character and putting a lot of yourself in the character’s shoes.

As the curtain unveiled, the movie starts with darkness filled in room-a child (Chiedza) comes to light a candle in the dark room, a voice (Pedzisai) breaks the silence calling Chiedza. In terms of production and scenery Mirazvo Productions outdid viewer’s expectations, it is a movie worth breaking your legs for; to watch it at the Cinema’s. The quality of the sound takes you back to the old times! Shem Zemura, Michael Zemura, Nick Zemura efforts in the screenplay of the film is so visible, of all the success they have; KUSHATA KWEMOYO swayed away our hearts away. These are the big boys in the film industry.

If you missed it don’t worry you still have a chance…the film screens again on Thursday the 8th of March 2018 up to Saturday the 10th of March 2018. For more details contact Rutendo Chapeta on 0783788379 or send a WhatsApp message to 0771252963.

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