The Nugget of Zim Science: Elevate Trust

By Carl Maswoswa

As the day draws closer to the launch, one can only exude so much enthusiasm as to what is Elevate Trust. With how the Zimbabwean Economy is fast moving to the world of STEM industries, what is the drive and vehicle to take us there….Elevate Trust is the key!

With only a few days to the amazing launch of Innovators Hub Club, SciTechInc Lab and Stemfem Network to be hosted at Cresta Lodge in the Capital on the 2nd of March 2018, emotions rise as universities, business people, school students impatiently await for the launch. It’s always intriguing if someone religiously and committedly finds a solution to a problem you have been facing as this is the case for Elevate Trust. STEM, originates from the United Nations education initiatives publicized in 2008. The Ministry of Higher and Tertiary education, Science and Technology development (Zimbabwe) recently moved for the adoption of STEM initiatives.

Elevate Trust aims to be a part of the collaborative effort to inspire students to take up STEM related career options, contribute towards achieving gender parity in the STEM field workforce and fuel industrialization through youth capacity building and commercialization of research ideas in the field of Science and Technology. All of which, ultimately drives socio economic development and improves the livelihood of its people.

STEM is an acronym that is curriculum based and predicated on the notion of educating students in four specific disciplines; SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING and MATHEMATICS. This will result in job creation for science graduates and it is a sure way of spearheading innovation and industrialization in science.

The three projects that will be launched on the day are:

STEMfem Network

The STEMfem Network is a platform for capacity building, networking and nurturing of females in the field of STEM. Its main goal is to improve the interaction of higher and tertiary education female students in STEM with the women in industry to better prepare female students to enter the male dominated industry. The bias towards females is aimed at achieving gender parity in STEM fields.

Innovators’ Hub Club

IHC is a club which assists in increasing tertiary students’ interest in STEM subjects through awareness about career option’s, development of STEM related businesses and STEM socio-economic problem solving. Activities include, club meetings, boot camps, innovators fairs, job shadowing, mentorship Programmes, seminars, entrepreneurship training, community work and career guidance days.

SciTechInc Lab

SciTechInc is designed to help scientists commercialize their innovative research ideas. SciTechInc covers a range of STEM disciplines with a bias towards bio-innovations. The project focuses on making science a business rather than a career, hence our tagline “Science Pays”.

Cofounded by Sicelo Dube, a Mandela Washington Fellowship alumnus, President of the Zimbabwe Science Laboratory Technicians Association one can only tell that this venture is headed for a big growth, for us to move on we must embrace it at a larger scale!


For more information contact Sicelo Dube on +263 737 306 561 or visit their website on

Be there at Cresta Lodge Harare on the 2nd of March 2018. All are invited to attend!!!

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