Winky D got the formula right on the Gombwe album

By Rutendo Borerwe

On Friday 2 February Wallace Chirumuko popularly known as Winky D hosted his Birthday and album launch bash in Harare at the HICC. I wasn’t there present but the album did a lot of speaking for itself.

Why do I say Winky D got the formula right? Well I listened to all the tracks on the album and I have to say he managed to capture the emotional appeal that most listeners are looking for in the bubblegum music produced nowadays. The tracks on his album appeal to all ages because of their clean statue something rare these days.

The lyrical genius in him has always been the reason why he mantains a cut or level higher than his fellow musicians. In my head I believe Winky d has evolved so much as an artist because he sings realistic everyday matters which again attracts listeners of all age groups because they can relate. Reference point being Ngirozi a track that emotionally grabs parents from all walks of life pleading on their children’s lives. My personal favourite because of the ability to fuse Vabati VaJehova into his dancehall madness.

Again he proved that He is the king of Dancehall in his tracks Gombwe, I am hot and Marobots where he makes it clear he is always different and has a winning formula that sets him above the rest. He makes it a point that nomatter what nobody can ever anticipate his next move.

Of course the love for the ladies didn’t lack on this one with tracks like Dona and Hatiperekedzane. This album has a lot of highlights not forgetting Oskid who made a genius out of Winky by creating beats from almost all genres fusing them to create masterpieces. The Onai track is one such example.

The dancers can jam to Finhu Finhu and of course the kids will love the Number 1 track in which he featured Haig Park 1 Primary school students a cute rendition actually.

My personal rating on this one is 4& half out of 5 because well he can still make more and more amazing tracks!

What do you think?

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