We voice the streets

Hello friends!

My magazine has just been nominated for the 2018 Zimblog Awards and I am honoured and excited! The magazine is called Street Peeper Zimbabwe (www.streetpeepermagzw.com) and its an edutainment celeb buzz a basic hybrid of a magazine

In order to qualify to proceed to the next phase of the awards and stand a chance to win, I need to have as many votes as possible.

Please help me through voting for me on http://www.tribeofinfluencers.com/vote-3/

My magazine is called Street Peeper and it has been nominated in the Entertainment Category.

Voting Tips:

1. Go to http://www.tribeofinfluencers.com/vote-3/

2. Scroll Down the page and look for the Entertainment Category.

3. Select Street Peeper

4. Click on the green tab written Vote.

5. Wait for the vote to be registered.

6. A message reading: Your vote has been recorded will show that your vote has been cast.

>>>> *You can vote as many times as possible (on a daily basis).*<<<<

_Voting Ends on 21 February 2018_

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