21:11:2017-The world’s most memorable day when President Mugabe resigned

By Rutendo Samantha Borerwe

Its around 18:15 on the 21st of November and I am exhausted after a long day’s work. I am doing some gardening with my father and we are having the usual humour moments as the father daughter duo. The events of the week 14 November to 20 November are lingering in the back of my mind because the ups and downs of this memorable week had gotten me  in a slumped mood. The 18th of November had been a day that was etched in my pretty little heart as the day that the voice of the mass had been released. I was positive the President would make the 19th pretty lit.​

But that was not going to be the best day. The 19th just brought the hype down to zero when I spent that Sunday hoping for the best till we were told about the Nation address by The President. Again the energy levels went up because we expected that His Excellency would give us that news again! That night we had  dinner as early as 7 so that there would be no distractions during the State address. We were literally house bound sofa bound and had no clue what was coming up. But again he gave us the worst sour pill to swallow by dragging us through his mumbling and everything for a good 10 minutes to only say Asante Sana and Good night!

​I was stressed and literally depressed. I was a graduate who could not do anything but hope. Its been a year since I graduated and ironically I was capped by His Excellency for my book prize but currently unemployed. I am self employed but my business is drowning in this economy so this iconic week meant everything to me. I slept and remembered that I was a woman of faith and knew that this was all in God’s hands. Nothing I could physically do would help my situation but turn to prayer and yes I prayed. I then decided I would not follow the frequent whatsapp fake updates or the constant checking of my facebook and twitter timeline for any new update. I decided I would just wait to be shocked by disconnecting myself from the pomp.

​But I did not know that the 21st would be the day I was going to be dancing along with some kids in the dusty streets of Dangamvura Mutare. Flashback to me and my dad in the garden. We are finishing up our work and suddenly my mom stands in the doorway and whispers


Its done. My mom is cautious by nature  so she whispered for the sake of our “security” I ignored her and my dad asked where she had gotten the news from. “Its on BBC” I froze in my tracks and turned what? Are you sure and she says No. What? “Its on whatsapp ” she replies and I ran to her and looked at the picture on her phone. It seemed authentic but I didn’t want to raise my hopes like Saturday. So I quietly went to the sitting room and flipped through channels to BBC and yes! It was true.

​I left the garden work and picked up my phone. I called my favourite people screaming with such joy and relief. The same vicious and monotonous cycle was gone just like that. I looked at the tv and saw thousands who had been failed. The population that could not air out a single word about Mr Mugabe for the past 37 years was making waves across the globe by dancing and singing across Zimbabwe after being oppressed for so long.​

As I was running to our Dangamvura CBD I met a large number of excited people including kids as young as 5. I then stopped one kid and asked her what she was celebrating for. She replied “Because Mr Mugabe is resigning” and then I asked her why?  And her answer stuck with me. A grade one girl replied “Because he is stealing our money”. Zimbabweans had lost their voice in the last 37 years.A child as young as 5 knew she could not make mention of Mr Mugabe anyhow. But 37 years later we were dancing in Harmony at the local Boka bars and grocery stores in Dangamvura.​

I can’t account for the number of people I ran with I danced with or sang with but 21 November will always remain etched and I will keep the memories for generations to come and I will make special thanks to General Chiwenga. Noone knows what tomorrow holds but I Comrade Sena Bae will repeat the iconic legend’s words “Iwe Neni tine basa” 

Goodnight! Asante Sana

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