When beauty meets brains,vision and ambition

I first met Rain Jasmine Midzi the same way I’ve met many creatives from Zimbabwe,on Facebook and I had no idea random photo shoots she was posting on her page were all part of a bigger plan that is only beginning to come full circle.This year alone she has featured in five musical videos for artists such as Ammara Brown,Takura, Marcques and King Shaddy.To date she has also starred in television shows like Eleven PM & The Shoot Out as well as adverts for Food world and DSTV.She has stepped in as an assistant director in 10 musical videos that include Cindy’s​ setter pace,Mudiwa Hood’s slaying,Soulja Love’s pamamonya ipapo,Xtra Large’s Papi Pacho among others.

While she is now based in Harare her story began in the city Zimbabwe derives it’s name from,Masvingo,as a highschool kid who always aspired to be an actress.Her passion saw her being named Drama President at Victoria High School and when she finished her A’Levels she found a job at Charles Austin theatre were she perfected her craft in acting and directing earning a few certificates along the way.She quickly outgrew the theatre and joined My Age Zimbabwe doing project writing and edutainment eventually starring in her first series Burugwa and travelling around schools as a peer educator using plays as a medium to teach the youth about sexual health and drug abuse.

2016 saw her moving to Harare and working for a firm called Honde Valley for a month before working with Vusa Blaqs and getting her first big musical video break in Ammara Brown’s watchu want video.After she parted ways with Blaqs she began working with another renowned director Andy Cutta venturing into presenting before eventually partnering with ZimDigital to open a photo studio in the Harare CBD were she currently serves as a director and make up artist.
She cites her time working with Blaqs and Cutta as an educative one seeing as she learnt many lessons on how to survive in the cutthroat entertainment industry.She says the two taught her how to handle different characters, prioritize work over sleep as well as to be her own Lady not licking anybody’s feet.They also made her realize that hard work isn’t gender specific and that it’s essential to keep one’s brain sharp to avoid manipulation.

When quizzed about her plans for the future and if she sees herself in Hollywood one day Rain said she loved Zimbabwe and would rather stay here and open a multifaceted entertainment Enterprise comprising of a music studio, photo and video studio,a modelling ramp, jewellery closet,fashion label,art market complemented by the fashion label she is currently working on.

You can connect with her on her social media

Facebook: Rain Jasmin Midzy

Instagram: Rain_Jasmin_Midzy

Snapchat : Rain Jasmin Midzy
By Donald Dodger Zw Marindire 

Creative Genius at Shona Boy Conglomerate & Kool Kidz Zw

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