#ZiVideo A pick of the hottest videos in the streets

By Donald Dodger Marindire aka Shonaboy

Gone are the days when sub standard videos were the Zimbabwean staple and excellent visuals were as common as Christmas in August.Over the years artists and video directors have coalesced to give us nothing but inspired videos and this column will make it a point to point your eyes in the right direction as far as impressive camera work is concerned.

Mr Okay Okay has made it a point to deliver stunning visuals since breaking out as a solo artist specialising in trap last year.In Kamushekero Kacho he chose to work with Andy Cutta and the result is an HD narrative of what a proper house party should look like.From fire mummies showcasing “Kamushekero Kacho”,hella drinks and the squad helping him make memories and young movies this video got it right on all fronts

Sensational songbird Tamy also chose Andy Cutta’s proven cameras for her Ndyeke video.The song sees Tamy begging a former lover who doesn’t want her to move on to just let her go.The video itself doesn’t stray from this theme featuring a hurting Tamy sipping on fine wine while reflecting on love lost as well her ex’s repeated attempts to get her back in his arms even as he passes the time with a new bae.

Zimdancehall OG Sniper also dropped the Tsvigiri Muhuchi (sugar in honey) video directed by Simba Gee.The video sees Sniper and a bevy of beauties get their party on in a plush neighborhood as his catchy single plays in the background. 

Mukudzeyi Mukombe popularly known as Jah Prayzer to his legion of adoring fans dropped two videos namely Nziyo yeRudo with Nigerian super star Yemi Alade and Chengetedza.My personal favorite is Chengetedza which sees Jah getting arrested in the company of his wifey forcing the wife to rob a bank to get her hubby out of jail all the while staying true to their vows.

The Ninja President Winky D announced he would release his Gombwe album next year but dropped four joints to hold his fans over.Among the four is a Beenie Man collaboration which was also blessed with a video.The song titled My Woman Chronicles troubles within the marital home which sees unappreciative shrewish wives give take their loving husbands through hell and back.

What are your thoughts?

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