“He cheated on me whilst I was pregnant” WHATTT?

I know that bi-line is too much sauce but I just thought it would make the article look better. So yes today we are in the cheating  diaries and trying to be as realistic as possible so ps no Filmy quotes Toda Chokwadi. Question what does it imply to you if your husband or partner cheats on you whilst you are carrying the very thing that symbolises your union.

​Kevin Hart recently apologised for cheating or let me say for his actions that could be easily termed as infidelity whilst his wife is very pregnant. So the common question is do you run for the hillls? Based on our previous issue let us try and leave out societal pressure  and take it from a woman scorned.

​For this one I think we will run a survey randomly and get an insight on what options are available after this.  I came  across The Real ladies take and this is what Tamera Mowry had to say.

What are your  thoughts?

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