Its about time that we unmasked Society’s protected monsters…

By Rutendo Borerwe

We have had our fair share of hashtag movements and I am pretty sure I have used some regardless of them not making sense to me. Whilst meaningful and conversation starting hashtags like #Blacklivesmatter or #Tajamuka have seen their days one hashtag was close to home for me.

If you are from Mutare I am pretty sure the last few weeks in the city deserved the #StopkillingOurWomen. This hashtag was quite popular in South Africa after the Katlego case but alas it happened in my very home town.

The devastating part is that the husband or the alleged suspect committed suicide after gruesomely murdering his wife. The gory idea of how a human being can decapitate someone so ruthlessly is enraging.

Its quite sad that South Africa records the highest cases of these sort of killings between lovers in the whole world. Which raises questions in my head. Its about time society dropped tradition and operate rationally.

I personally feel that gone are the days when our elders advised us to stay in relationships for society’s sake. We are bound by traditions so much that we have literally become robots that repeat the same mistakes.

The same thing with Child marriage. Manicaland ranks highest in child marriages. The same with rape and to be more precise Varsity and marital rape  which are real.

Its time to unmask these monsters of society and face them head on. Enough of this!

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