Mutare Prostitutes change strategy as the going gets tough

​Well the current economic situation in Zimbabwe is  quite depressing and compelling so much that the basic human  emotion and nature is being tested every single day.

Vendors are flooding our streets countrywide in a bid to survive and most are living on hand to mouth. Child  prostitution has hit many high density surburbs with one case making the rounds on social media.

​Nobody could have thought the situation would get so tough that Mutare based prostitutes have resorted to this new method. When I first heard about this new style on Diamond Fm radio I laughed my lungs out till I witnessed it first hand.

Mutare based prostitutes have been allegedly targeting men who move at night and accusing them  of owing them money for sexual services provided in the past.Apparently unsuspecting men are being jumped on and harassed for payment by women some claim have never seen before.

Today afternoon I witnessed the incident in broad daylight and it was  quite disappointing and embarassing for me as a woman and as a  citizen of a country that boasts the best literacy rate.

What next? Robbers attacking you for not having any property  in your home?  What do you think?

Think about it and get your name registered for the 2018 elections!

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