Princess Diana : Interesting facts you didn’t know

Its been 20 years and Princess Diana still lives in our hearts. The world’s most loved woman had some interesting facts you might not know. 

• She failed her O levels twice and often joked about her poor academic record.
• Following the divorce of her parents Earl Spencer and his wife Frances, Diana’s father was awarded custody of Diana and her three siblings.

• Diana’s maternal grandmother Lady Fermoy was lady-in-waiting to Charles’ grandmother, The Queen Mother.

• For her engagement, Lady Diana selected a large £30,000 (£94,800 in today’s terms) by Garrard.

The sparkler consisted of 14 solitaire diamonds elegantly surrounding a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire set in 18-carat white gold. It now sits on Kate Middleton’s finger, of course.

• Her wedding to Prince Charles on July 29, 1981 was broadcast in 74 countries and watched by 750million people worldwide. Her funeral 16 years later had 2.5 billion viewers.

• The Princess counted Gianni Versace, George Michael, Bryan Adams and Elton John among her

close friends.

• Diana once invited the supermodel Cindy Crawford to Buckingham Palace for dinner when a young Prince William had a secret crush on the model.

• She supported over 100 charities, including the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, which won the Nobel Peace Prize a few months after her death.

​She will remain Princess Diana always and forever.

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